Swiss Music Awards 2014: We Did It – THANK YOU!

Now that we have recovered from last Friday’s events (although our minds are still blown), we would like to say a few words:

Winning a Swiss Music Award for “Best Live Act National” is certainly one of the highlights of our career, and an immense honour. However, it is not just our honour, but yours to share with us: this award goes out to all of you! The stage at the stadium in Zurich last night was as much yours as it was ours. It is also not simply a recognition of our most recent activities, but the result of many years of hard work and amazing times. For those of you who missed it, you can share the moment again with us right here on Joiz TV:!video=sma-6-tom-odell-kuert-den-best-live-act-national

We want and have to thank each and every one of the amazing people who have worked with us and supported us in any way during the last 12 years; in particular:

- Oliver Rosa, Association Press Play, and everyone at the Swiss Music Awards!

- Our amazing team behind the scenes: our dear manager Oliver Macchi at ILT Music, everyone at Nuclear Blast Records, Irina Sterchi and everyone at Warner Music, Mike, Günther, Stefan and everyone at Rock The Nation, Nick Storch and his team at ICM.

- Our hard-working live crew, both current and past – without you, we would certainly not have made it to “Best Live Act” anywhere: Kate, Johanna, Melanie, Marci, Chris K., Chris N., Chris M., Jan, Martin, Kal, David, Krisz, Shymon, Stijn, Philippe, Roli, Gian and all the other people that make or made the show go on. You know who you are!

- The talented professionals and creatives who work with us to record and produce our albums: Above all Tommy Vetterli at New Sound Studio, but of course also Marco Jencarelli and everyone at Soundfarm, Dan Suter at Echochamber, and everyone else who has worked on past albums with us.

- Our many other ‘partners in crime’, current and past: Manuel Vargas Lepiz, Samantha Benedetti, Booya Music, Travis and his team at IndieMerch, Tanja Stieger, and Fear Dark Records. And, if we ever had the pleasure of working with you, YOU – please forgive us for our inability to mention every name from the past decade, and accept this symbolic space as your own:____________.

- All the concert promoters who have worked with us in the past and who have supported us so generously. In particular: Phibe Cornu, Gurtenfestival & Bierhübeli, Andy Locher, Heitere & Val Lumnezia, the whole Greenfield team, Chrigu Stuber and Kofmehl, Norbert & everyone at Z7, Laurence & Les Docks, everybody at Anyacts, Stefan Matthey and his team at Starclick.

- Everyone who supported us during the voting. In particular: Joiz TV, Stijn, Karydwen, David, Korpiklaani, Tyr, and of course the mighty Coroner!

- And last, but not least all of our former band members who have toured the world with us: Meri Tadic, Simeon Koch, Sevan & Rafi Kirder, and everyone from the very early days – this award goes out to all of you, too!

But most of all we want and have to thank all of our amazing fans all over the globe, who stood with us, supported us and came to our shows, our die-hard fans, our incredible fan clubs (in particular Eluveitie Brasil, Poland, and France), all the members of our official forum and everybody who voted for Eluveitie, joining forces with us to show the whole music world how strong metal really is! This award is your award! You all rock!

Even more motivated we now return to Tommy Vetterli’s New Sound Studio, where recordings for our new album have started last week already. #Eluveitie2014 is going to be a big one! 

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  • Lutz

    11. March 2014, 01:22

    YEAR! \m/

    WIR habens geschafft und den SMA gerockt!
    Geile Sache! :D
    Freu mich richtig. Auch das neue Album kann ich kauf abwarten.

    Und Psst: Ich fands ja schon irgendwie lustig wie die ganzen “Luca”-Fans… nicht mit dem Ergebnis einverstanden waren.
    Tja, aber was soll man sagen? Chrigel hat es ja schon treffend gesagt.
    “Die Eluveitie-Fans haben entschieden” und so ist es!

    YES! \m/
    Grüßle aus Stuttgart!



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